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Company name Dae Kwang Co.,Ltd.
Representative Jang, Jong-tae
Address 1014 Yuldae-ri, Goseong-eup, Goseong-gun,
Gyeongnam Province
TEL +82-55-673-6814 FAX +82-55-673-6813
Type of business Manufacturing Category of business Ship components
Area() 9,401/Area, 5,756/Building
Key products

1. Marine equipment
2. Facilities and jigs.
3. Manufacture and installation of steel structures

Date Contents
1995.01 Daekwang Enterprise was established.
1997.03 The company name was changed to Daekwang and incorporated.
2003.01 The company's branch office was established at Haman.
2003.08 Awarded ISO 9001(2000)
2006.02 Head office was moved to Goseong plant.
2008.02 Awarded an excellent subcontractor prize from DSME.
2008.07 The branch office at Haman was incorporated and spun off to Daekwang Tech.